About Empower

Welcome to Empower, TTUS' own integrated crowdfunding platform. Empower helps fund passion projects for our award-winning faculty and registered student organizations.

Crowdfunding projects are successful through active engagement of donors and supporters from social media and direct communications.

Our team works with each project team to provide strategic crowdfunding management and consulting in communications, design, video production, and fundraising opportunities.

Texas Tech University System FAQ

Who can use TTUS Crowdfunding?

All registered TTU, TTUHSC, and TTUHSC El Paso student organizations, competitive sports and academic teams, full-time faculty, certain TTUS staff members, schools, colleges, institutes, and departments that have a passion project can use Empower.


Does this sound like your team? Excellent! Let’s talk:

Email mail.annualgiving@ttu.edu

Are gifts tax deductible?

Absolutely! All gifts to Empower campaigns are tax-deductible. Please note, sometimes if you receive a cool perk (such as a super awesome T-shirt for giving to a campaign, for example) that has a fair market price and, following TTUS Operating Policy guidelines, the cost of that shirt is deducted from your total tax deductible amount.


For your records, Texas Tech Foundation Inc.'s federal taxpayer EIN is 75-6043842. Please visit the Texas Tech Foundation Inc. financial information page for more details.


If you have questions, please reach out to our Financial Services team and mention the Crowdfunding Campaign you gave to and they’ll be sure to help. You may direct questions via email to mail.annualgiving@ttu.edu or by calling 806-742-0502

What do Empower donations support?

What is amazing about Empower is you choose how and at what amount you can support a project that you share a passion for and immediately can see the impact of your gift.

Why should someone contribute?

There are a number of reasons someone should contribute, but feeling passionate about the project and how it will help change our community is certainly a big reason. Our Red Raiders are remarkable pioneers, scholars, global leaders and thought drivers and you support them directly when you give to a crowdfunding campaign.

What kind of campaigns are successful on Empower?

Successful campaigns typically are community-focused campaigns led by passionate project leaders that positively impact the TTUS mission.


That’s a long sentence to say campaigns led by passionate folks that help people!


Crowdfunding takes a TEAM EFFORT and a large TIME COMMITMENT:

-A project leader should be prepared to spend 5-7 hours per week during the quiet phase planning and developing strategies to achieve their project’s donation goal.

-Team members should also be willing to commit between 1-3 hours per week assisting the project leader.

-During the active campaigning phase, team members should be prepared to commit 5+ hours a week sending emails, posting to social media platforms and engaging in other peer to peer interactions.

-After the project is completed, team members will need to send thank you emails to all donors and provide updates every few months.


A project goal should be REALISTIC

-A majority of funds raised through crowdfunding comes from email solicitation.

-Teams should follow the guideline of $4 raised for every email address solicited (Ex: 100 unique emails sent = ~ $400 raised).

-Teams should still engage followers on social media to spread the message. 


A project needs to have a COMPLELLING STORY

-Each project is required to provide a short video detailing the goals, objectives, and impact of their project (This doesn't need to be a large production. A short video shot on a smartphone works!).

-Teams are also required to provide images, personal testimonials and other written or visual materials pertaining to their project.


It is important to note that the TTUS Annual Giving staff is here as a support system for projects. The Annual Giving staff offers guidance with social media strategy, email templates, platform support and other questions that pop up during your project's campaign. The project leader and/or organization is responsible for soliciting donations from their personal networks and raising the funds to reach their goal. 

How long does it take prepare for a campaign?

Crowdfunding projects take an average of 10-12 weeks to complete, including planning, activation, and follow up. A good rule of thumb is to apply 90 days before you need your funding in the bank. That gives a team time to apply, be approved, plan and implement their campaigns. These campaigns take a focused team effort in order to be successful. Projects are divided into three phases; quiet, active, and post-campaign.



-4-6 weeks before campaign’s launch date.

-This time is spent planning your campaign strategy and developing a plan on how you will reach your goal.

-This is the time to create a video, gather images, create a social content calendar, compile an email directory, and more.

-During this time, you will meet with the Annual Giving team to assist in the planning process and development.


Active Campaigning 

-30-45 days of active campaigning.

-This is where TEAM EFFORT is critical. This is the time of active solicitation via social media and email.

-This is also the time to be actively updating donors on the progress of your project on the crowdfunding website through text, images, and videos.

-You will meet with the Annual Giving team half way through to evaluate your progress and make any adjustments, if needed.



-After your campaign has ended, your team will be responsible for following up with donors via Thank You emails, perk distribution, and any other updates.

-This part of the campaign is crucial because it creates an established relationship with your donors for future projects.

What are my options when making anonymous donations? 

We are happy to respect your privacy and you are free to hide your name, the amount you donate, or all information regarding your donation from a project's donor wall. However, selecting these options does not mean that your donation is anonymous to the Texas Tech Foundation Inc., and you will receive donor credit and all applicable tax benefits. 


If you're interested in making a truly anonymous donation to any crowdfunding project, please contact our team at 806-742-0502

Where can I learn about my rights as a donor to the Texas Tech Foundation Inc.?

Right here.

Who can I contact for additional questions?

Feel free to reach out to our Annual Giving team anytime, we’d love to talk about your crowdfunding project ideas.

Phone: 806-742-0502

Email: mail.annualgiving@ttu.edu