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Send the ChemE Car Team to Nationals

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Send the ChemE Car Team to Nationals

About Us


The TTU ChemE Car Team is a student organization that competes in the annual AIChE ChemE Car Regional Competition and also has the chance of competing in the AIChE ChemE Car National Competition as well. In the spring of 2018 our team placed 1st in the southwest region and qualified to compete at this year's National Conference in Pittsburgh, PA on October 26th-28th. A donation would help support us as we prepare for and plan our trip to the conference as well as to grow and support our organization. We would appreciate any donation as it would help us pay for our equipment, chemicals, parts, flights, hotel, and registration fees for the conference. 

In the News


Meet the Team 

Joshua Holtz- President 

“My name is Joshua Holtz and I am a senior pursuing a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. I joined Chem E Car in fall of 2015 and fell in love with the organization and competition. The organization allows students to apply their classwork by prototyping a small shoebox sized car which must be powered by a chemical reaction as well as stopped using a chemical reaction as a timer. I am driven by competition, and this competition gives us a driving force to work hard building something from the ground up. Chem E. Car also allows us to compete with other students from other schools on a 1 to 1 basis. It feels good to be looked to as leaders of Chemical Engineering by our peers when we excel in the competitions. Our professors work hard to teach us the principles of Chemical Engineering and we like to think of our performance as not only a reflection of our skill and dedication, but also our professors. We are proud Red Raiders. GUNS UP!”


Chris Garza- Vice President

“I've been in ChemE car since 2014. ChemE car has shown me real life application of the chemical engineering course work. My major is Chemical engineering.”


Casandra Alvarez- Secretary 

“This will be my 4th year competing on the ChemE Car Team. Our group has grown and advanced so much since I have been a part of it and I have learned so much since I have joined.This organization gives a variety of students chances to gain experience working as a team and this quality is what lead me to continue to be a part of this organization. I am truly excited to represent TTU when we travel to Pittsburgh!”


Meredith Hamilton- Fundraising Chair 

“My name is Meredith and I’m not your typical ChemE Car team member! When I realized there was a need for someone to devote their time to fundraising, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m in charge of bringing in funds, and organizing giveback nights- really anything that will bring awareness to the team. I learned about ChemE Car through my husband’s extensive involvement.  I love that this organization promotes strong team building, while creatively learning to solve problems that arise in the lab and at competitions.”


Alexandra Bramlet- Treasurer

“I am majoring in chemical engineering and I have been in ChemE Car for 2 years, going on my 3rd. ChemE car has impacted me in many ways, motivating me to pursue a career in the chemical engineering field. From giving me a hands-on experience to a better understanding of the field, I am very grateful to be a part of this organization!”


Shelby Troxell- Fundraising Chair 

"My name is Shelby, and I am a senior chemical engineering major. I have been a part of the Chem E. Car team for two years. In this time, I have seen how fulfilling it is to see a couple ideas become a reality. Chem E. Car brings students from all different disciplines together in an open and collaborative environment to have fun and apply what we’ve learned in class. There is always new challenges coming up, and Chem E Car gives us the opportunity to practice problem solving!"


Tyler Chiriboga-  Team Coordinator 

“I have been in ChemE Car for 2 years now. ChemE Car has affected me by allowing me to explore real world applications of what we learn in class. My major is Biochemistry.”


Ethan Thomas- Team Coordinator

“My name is Ethan Thomas and I have been a part of the ChemE Car organization for two years now. This organization has influenced the way I approach problems and taught me how solve technical problems in non-conventional ways that still gets the job done. As well, I am entering my junior year in the Chemical Engineering department.”


Nicholas Gregg- Team Member

“I’ve been on ChemE Car for 2 years. ChemE Car has given me a lot of hands on experience working on a team to build, and design a car. My majors are chemical engineering and electrical engineering.”


Josiah Hamilton- Team Member

“I’m Josiah Hamilton, a Computer Engineering student, and I’ve been part of ChemE Car since January 2018, although I did do electrical design consulting for a while prior to joining. The organization has brought me into an interdisciplinary engineering environment in which I work with Chemical and Mechanical Engineering students on designing, testing, and calibrating of electrochemical and electromechanical systems. This program rewards its members for developing systems with tighter tolerances by putting the organization ahead of its competition, in turn allowing students to immerse in a systems test and calibration environment usually unseen in the classroom."


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General Support

Contributes toward general needs for the team such as parts, chemicals, and tools


Lab Coats

Enable a member of the car team to have a TTU lab coat for nationals!


Send a Member

Pays for 1 member's conference registration fee



One night stay for a team member at the conference hotel!



One round trip flight for a member to nationals!

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