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TTU Law Go for Gold

Go for Gold! with your fellow classmates and help generations of Texas Tech law students!

TTU Law Go for Gold

Scholarship support does more than just reduce financial pressure for students. It also instills a greater sense of belonging and motivation for a student to make it through law school.


In celebration of Texas Tech Law's 50th Anniversary, classes are competing to make an amazing difference in lives of generations of students.


The goal of the Go for Gold! class competition is for each class to create a scholarship endowment. The bigger the endowment, the better. This is a competition after all!  


You can also be a part of this 50th Anniversary initiative by making a gift to any area of the law school you are most connected to or by establishing your own scholarship endowment. However you designate your gift, at whatever level, your tax deductible contribution counts!   We are competing for highest participation percentage, largest Go for Gold! class endowment, and most given overall.


*$25,000 minimum required to endow a scholarship. If minimum amount is not achieved by 9/30/18, these funds will be awarded in full during the 2018-2019 school year.

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